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Witness to Mari Loli's deathbed reaffirmation of the apparitions

Mari Loli's Vivid Recollections

"I remember that on this particular day, it was no different. We were chatting about nothing very important while I was sitting on an ottoman in front of her, and that my sister, Melanie, was standing up in the doorframe when my mother’s head snapped up and she let out a light sigh, a slight gasp and her eyes opened wide like she had been struck with an awareness. And then with a look of incredulity as if she had never considered the events before, she said to me:

“Can you believe THE BLESSED MOTHER
let me hold the Baby Jesus and Her Crown!”

I was stunned when her eyes met mine, and then a few moments later she seemed to relax a bit, and she began to look almost self-conscious as I had seen her do in the past when she would be asked about the apparitions.

I did not press her more, since she seemed shy about what had just occurred. It would be a few months later that my mother would address the apparitions to me once again.

My mother’s disease had progressed to such an extent at this point that she was lying in the bed since she was in incredible pain. It was only about three weeks before she would pass away. This time, she placed her hand atop of mine, and looked me in the eyes, and asked me:

“Why do you think THE BLESSED MOTHER
would let me hold The Baby Jesus and Her Crown?”


I share these words from my mother with you, in case there is a benefit in someone’s heart that this knowledge would increase their faith in THE MESSAGES OF OUR LADY OF GARABANDAL, in the understanding that Mari-Loli’s “cloud of doubt” was lifted and that she did remember, and did believe with certainty in what had happened to her before she died."

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