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Our Queen made a promise and She will keep it

The Worst Crisis in Church History

For a Catholic trying to live the Faith today it is often tempting to become discouraged.  When we look around, browse the internet or turn on the television it appears that by almost any measure we are hurtling toward catastrophe.  When we look at many of the shepherds in our Church, the temptation to discouragement only deepens.  It has now actually become something of a cliché to say “we are in the worst crisis in the history of the Church." However it may help to recall that there was at least one Church crisis that was even worse. 

"This man also was with him.  But he denied him, saying: Woman, I know him not."

The worst crisis in Church history occurred in the year 33 AD which strictly speaking was before it even started.  The Teacher, the one they thought was the Messiah having been cruelly whipped, mocked, crucified then stabbed with a spear now hung dead on the Cross between two common criminals.  Having killed Him, the whole affair was proven a sham and there was no coming back from this ending.  No, it was all over and everybody with an ounce of common sense knew it.  To add humiliating insult, it all happened with help from the inside as it was one of the people personally chosen by Christ who betrayed Him for money - before killing himself.  Peter, handpicked by Jesus to be the first Pope, denied Him at the first sign of danger.  Then as Jesus hung dying on the Cross, Peter fled somewhere to cry.  Another 9 apostles fled as well — a 92% failure rate amongst those who would become the first Bishops.  This was an insurmountable catastrophe.


The Return from Calvary

Only Blessed Mary, John and a few holy women stood by the Cross though the Gospels don’t record them as admonishing the ones who left or even offering explanations about what was happening.  Some of them must have experienced great confusion and fear — one imagines the sorrow they felt to have been overwhelming.  Still they remained faithful.  They were completely incapable of solving or even mitigating this crisis; they were completely dependent upon God to solve it.  And solve it He would.  At this the darkest of all moments, they were on the cusp of the greatest miracle and triumphant reversal of course in all of history.


She Will Keep Her Promise

Our Lady promised at Fatima that “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”  At Garabandal, She gave us clues as to how She will seize the victory.  She WILL triumph; there can be no doubt about this.  She is at once the Queen of all creation to whom Jesus entrusted the keys to His Heart, and Our own Mother of Fairest Love.  She can and WILL keep Her promise.  


We have been told the Warning will come “when conditions are at their worst” and “it will look like communists have taken over the whole world” and worse still that the "Church will give the impression of being on the point of perishing."  When that very dark moment arrives do not despair but rather turn to Our Blessed Mother with renewed confidence for it is the sign that we are on the cusp of the fulfillment of her promise of glorious triumph.   

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"She shall crush thy head"

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