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The first and most authoritative book on Garabandal

The Apparitions of Garabandal
by F. Sanchez-Ventura Y Pascual

The Apparitions of Garabandal by Sanchez-Ventura Y Pascual, was written while the apparitions were still happening and first published in 1965.  It is the most vivid and reliable telling of the events as seen through the author's own eyes as a first hand witness. The book also includes many other first hand witness accounts and documentation..   

About the author

Author Francisco Sanchez-Ventura y Pascal was a highly respected Spanish attorney, economics Professor, award-winning novelist, personal counselor to Spanish rovalty, and founder of various businesses. However, above all

Francisco was a warrior for the Virgin Mary. He founded the magazine Maria Mensajera (Mary Messenger), directed numerous courses specializing in Mariology and published more than 50 books- most of them investigative studies into mystical phenomena.

This book is available for free as a PDF download (we own the copyright and are happy to distribute it for free for your personal use) or for purchase if you prefer a physical printed book or an ebook delivered directly to your Amazon Kindle.

English - Free PDF download - The Apparitions of Garabandal

Spanish - Free PDF download - Las Apariciones de Garabandal

English Physical book or Kindle - The apparitions of Garabandal

Spanish Physical book or Kindle - Las Apariciones de Garabandal

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